Deep Learn Strategies Limited (DLS) is an Artificial Intelligence company with strong capabilities in Machine Learning and a particular focus on Deep Learning applied towards Metaverse and Omniverse applications in ESG Investment.

DLS is a team of experienced experts in the field of Deep Learning.

The principal founder is Imtiaz Adam. Imtiaz is a Sloan Fellow from London Business School, a former Executive Director of Morgan Stanley and has studied Computer Science at postgraduate level with a specialised research project in AI and Deep Learning.

Our focus is on developing a next-generation application and customer experience for the emerging metaverse and the world where AI meets the IoT, known as the AIoT enabled by 5G technology. We possess strong capabilities in the field of object detection, image recognition and segmentation. We also work with the latest in the NLP field applying Transformers with self-attention and Knowledge Graphs. This includes working with Machine Learning and Deep Learning on-device.

Our mission is to deeply add value through application of AI technology.

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Our Vision for AI